10 March, 2021

CMT-48 VSR  is a long-life balancing machine that is incredibly accurate, efficient and user friendly.

It allows to balance turbocharger cores of passenger cars, vans and other.

CIMAT has developed an energy-saving adapter system for its VSR machines, which consists of a plate and a sleeve.  Plate fixes a bearing housing of a core to the machine and a sleeve drives a turbine wheel with compressed air.

Explanation of adapter system. 

Different turbochargers mean different dimensions—bearing housings and rotors can come in a variety of sizes. This means that if you use a one-element adapter you have to buy lot of new adapters for nearly each CHRA. CIMAT’s two-element adapter can match in pairs, resulting in a variety of configurations. A variety of configurations means less adapters. Less adapters means less overhead.

With this  innovative adapter system, 10 plates and 10 sleeves are equal to 100 traditional adapter configurations. Additionally, every plate and every sleeve is universal and fits up to a dozen bearing housings and rotors – meaning fewer adapters will work with more assemblies. This innovative solution allows your company to save time and money.

Unique features:

  • Globally validated.
  • Oil leakage test of a core.
  • Balancing speed – up to 300 000 rpm.
  • Oil temperature and pressure control to avoid turbo run dry.
  • Smallest footprint for every size of workshop.
  • Automatic air control valve.
  • Energy and cost saving adapter system.
  • A changeover time of adapters is under 25 s.
  • Five stage oil filtration system.
  • Free of charge warranty and post-warranty remote technical on-line support.
  • Balancing interface is in nearly every language.
  • ISO 21940-23:2012 (old ISO 7475 oraz DIN 45690). safety guarding with safety interlocks and CE labelsw